We are in: Competition for Universities

Calendar [important dates]

May 1, 2009
Call for papers.
September 30, 2009
Deadline of receipt of summaries (abstracts)
13th november 2009
Deadline to registrate in SB10mad competition for Universities
December 15th 2009
Deadline to comunicate the abstracts accepted
31th december 2009
Deadline to register on the Conference with reduced fees.
15th Januar 2010
EXTENDED Deadline to register on the Conference with reduced fees
15th February 2010
Deadline for aplying for registration grants and economical support
15th February 2010
Deadline for submitting Projects for the Competicion for Universities
March 1, 2010
Deadline extended of receipt of presentations (papers)
March 15, 2010
Deadline to publish the order of the oral presentations and poster sessions
31th March 2010
Final decision about Competition for Universities
April 28, 29 and 30, 2010
Conference celebration dates

Competition for Universities

Sesion 1

Day 28th April

Time 17.00h-18.30h

Room 2B


  • Presentation of the competition  "Sustainable city: rehabilitation as a tool"  by ASA
  • Presentation of the winer teams:

Estudia la Bachillera, ETSAM   Madrid

Bellvitge-64%, ETSAV  Barcelona

  • Presentation of the accesit "Sal de la Vega" UPM  Madrid
  • Debate

Sesion 2

Day: 29th Abril

Time: 12.05h-13.30h

Room  2B


  • Presentation of the accesits

Territorio Olé, ETSAA Alicante

Aguas de Marco, EAUV  Valladolid

Regadío 3, ETSAM  Madrid

  • Debate

University competion. Awards Ceremony

Day 30th April

Time:  15.40h - 16.40h

Room: Auditorio


Project competition among the University teams

Listado de ganadores del Concurso de Universidades:


Estudia la Bachillera

ETSAM, Madrid

Profesor: Emilia Román López

Alumnos: Mariavalentina Tanese - Anne Vogt

Bellvitge -64%

ETSAV, Barcelona

Profesores:Daniel Calatayud Souweine,Coque Claret Martí, Ivan Muñiz Olivera

Alumnos: Alejandro Cuesta Hidalgo - Marc Diaz Gallego- Anna Fontich Sala - Andrei Catalin Mihalache - Jordi Mitjans Escobar - María Morrillo Sedó- Laila Nuñez Pinart - Alejandro Ribas Mercau


Sal de la Vega

UPM, Madrid

Profesor:Miguel Angel Galvez

Alumnos:Raúl Alonso Estébanez - Nicolás Gómez

Territorio Olé

ETSAA, Alicante

Profesor: Vicente Iborra Pallarés

Alumnos: Verónica Francés Tortosa - Julia Cervantes Corazzina

Aguas de Marco

EA UV, Valladolid

Profesores: Rosario del Caz Enjuto, José Luis Sáinz Guerra,  Manuel Saravía

Alumnos: María Calvo - Pedro Cortés - Renata Dantas - Paloma Fontela - Enrique Gago - Carlos Sobrino 

Regadío 3

ETSAM, Madrid

Profesor: Pedro García Martínez

Alumnos: María Dolores Abellán García - Iñigo Lorente Riverola



Registered teams

Doubts and answers about the competition

In parallel with the work in the four thematic areas, the organisation of the SB10mad Conference considers it essential to publish and promote the training of technicians, and specifically of architects and planners, in the definition and resolution of the problems of the sustainable renovation of districts, since the building sector must re-define itself towards this objective. 

SB10mad is therefore holding a competition for projects among university teams on the objectives and the work scene of the SB10mad Conference, so that the results of workshops promoted in educational centres can be presented during the conference. In order for this to happen, SB10mad will set the appropriate rules, provide the prizes, organise the jury and co-ordinate the competition from a Spanish architectural school.


For more information or inscription details :