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Calendar [important dates]

May 1, 2009
Call for papers.
September 30, 2009
Deadline of receipt of summaries (abstracts)
13th november 2009
Deadline to registrate in SB10mad competition for Universities
December 15th 2009
Deadline to comunicate the abstracts accepted
31th december 2009
Deadline to register on the Conference with reduced fees.
15th Januar 2010
EXTENDED Deadline to register on the Conference with reduced fees
15th February 2010
Deadline for aplying for registration grants and economical support
15th February 2010
Deadline for submitting Projects for the Competicion for Universities
March 1, 2010
Deadline extended of receipt of presentations (papers)
March 15, 2010
Deadline to publish the order of the oral presentations and poster sessions
31th March 2010
Final decision about Competition for Universities
April 28, 29 and 30, 2010
Conference celebration dates


Scientific Documentation

Conference Scientif Documents

The papers presented on the SB1omad Conference are already available on this webpage

Acces to PAPERS

Paper Format

Paper Format, download here

The best Papers will be published in a monogarfic number of INFORMES DE LA CONSTRUCCIÓN, a scientific journal in Spanish language, published three-monthly by the INSTITUTE OF CONSTRUCTION SCIENCES EDUARDO TORROJA (IETcc), this journal is indexed on Web of Science (Thomson-ISI) since 2007 and Scopus.


The paper will be 12 pages long maximum (images, figures and tables included) and 5 megas max in its "pdf" format. The paper should be submitted in both "doc" and "pdf" format to this e-mail adress:


The format will follow the styles above: “Paper Title”, “SB10mad-authors”,”Section Title”, “subtitle” and “Plain text”. In any case these styles and formats can’t be changed in terms of margins, text style, etc.




References should be limited to works directly relating to the paper submitted. Lengthy comments on the publications cited should be avoided. References are to be cited in the text by number, in parentheses, and listed at the end of the paper in consecutive order. Where a DOI (digital object identifi er) is available for the reference, it must be included at the end of the listing. Entries should use the following format:


For journals:

(1) Peña, J. A.: ‘’Espacios culturales no comunitarios en Venezuela’’. Informes de la Construcción, Vol. 56 nº 491 (2004), pp. 53-60, doi: 10.1006/g cen. 1994.1172.

For books:

(2) H. F. W. Taylor. Cement Chemistry. p. 301, Academia Press, Inc. New York, 1990.

Tables, figures and photographs.

The number of tables and figures should be limited to the minimum necessary. They are to be consecutively numbered as they appear in the text. All fi gures must have an explanatory legend and their approximate position in the text specified. Only photographs that are genuinely useful, reproductively clear and representative should be submitted. Tables, figures and photographs are to be submitted in separate files. Figures and photographs must be provided in JPEG, TIFF, EPS or PDF format. The minimum resolution acceptable is 300 pixels per inch (ppi) in the size that the author intends them to be published.

Mathematical expressions and formulas.

Maximum clarity and legibility should be pursued, using the notation that occupies the least possible space. In the text they must be numbered, with the number in brackets.


Important Dates

  • 15th December 2009; Deadline to send all the comments from the Scientific Committee to the abstracts. We´ll also send the paper format.
  •  31tst December 2009, Deadline for registration on the Conference with discount.
  • 1st March 2010; Deadline of receipt of presentations (papers) You can send it to this e-mail address.

We remind you that it is essential that at least one of the authors of the Paper is registered on the Conference to make the presentation.